Members of the NCPBM have assessed the road covered so far and laid the groundwork for future action.

This was during the second semester session of the Commission for 2018, which took place at the NCPBM’s head office in Yaoundé.

The session which took place on the 18th of December 2018, was presided over by the NCPBM President, Peter MAFANY MUSONGE.

In his introductory statement, Mr. MUSONGE mentioned some outstanding actions and activities carried out by the Commission since its last plenary session of July 2018.

Concerning the implementation of the Commission’s statutory missions, the NCPBM has carried out documentary research, the “listen-to-the-people’s” missions and benchmarking that could enable the Commission to propose new draft legal frameworks on bilingualism, multiculturalism and living together in Cameroon. The most recent move is the mission to public establishments and corporations to assess the sound implementation of the constitutional provisions on the practice of Bilingualism.

In the field of communication, the Commission has carried out major activities to give greater visibility to its missions. These include the setting up of a website, the putting in place of a toll-free number-1518, and the production of a document entitled “Introduction to Multiculturalism in Cameroon”.

The Commission’s President also granted several audiences to some heads of diplomatic representations based in Yaoundé as well as to some very senior officials of international organisations. The guests received in audience promised multifaceted assistance to the Commission for the consolidation of Peace or technical assistance and capacity building in mediation and conflict prevention.

Inviting the Commission for benchmarking missions to Canada and Belgium.