Rev. Father Jean-Marie BODO

January 5, 2021

Rev. Father Jean Marie BODO was born on 24 March 1954 in Nkong. Ordained Reverend father on 25 June 1983, he is appointed to the Yaounde cathedral where he is particularly in charge of preparations for the 1st pastoral visit of Pope John Paul II to Cameroon in 1985.  He is later sent to Rome (Vatican) in 1987 for liturgy specialisation, anthropology and musicology studies, which will culminate to the award of two PhDs. He returns to Cameroon in 1992 and embarks on a long teaching career in the Catholic University of Central Africa. He is the founder of the John Paul II Auditorium in 1995 and Radio-Reine in 1997.In the year 2000 he obtained the rank of University Professor. He was  appointed member of the National Communication Council by Presidential Decree; he was made a member of the National Governance Steering Committee by Prime Ministerial Decision, and member of the Arts and Letters Commission by a Decision of the Minister of Arts and Culture. Since 2013, he is the President-Rector of the University Institute of Petroleum and Management Sciences. As a mediator, he participates in many mediation missions in the world. On the 15 of March 2017, he is appointed member of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism by Presidential Decree.