January 5, 2021

David ABOUEM A TCHOYI is a retired Superscale Senior Administrative Officer. In Cameroon’s administration, he served in the Ministry of Territorial Administration in the capacity of Director of Territorial Organisation, Secretary General and Inspector General. He also served as Secretary General in the Ministry of Planning and Regional Development, Secretary General in the Ministry of the Economy and Planning, Governor of the North West and South West regions, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Secretary General in the Prime Minister’s Office, Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. In the United Nation’s system, he has been Main Technical Adviser in a good governance programme of the UNDP.

He is a consultant with many national and international organisations on issues of decentralisation, public administration and good governance. He carried out many actions with respect to the promotion of bilingualism which he practices daily: for example, he is the brain behind the creation of Linguistic Centres. At the behest of the Government of Cameroon, he carried out a study on civic education and national integration, document of which is a reference document.