January 5, 2021

Madam DJANABOU BAKARY was born on the 23rd of May 1982 in Guider, Mayo Louti Division, North Region of Cameroon. Daughter of an Executive secretary and a housewife, she did her primary and secondary education in Kribi, Hilé-Alifa, Yagoua, Guider, Ngaoundere, Koza and Kolofata where she obtained her baccalaureat A4 in 2001. That same year, she enrolled in the University of  Ngaoundere where she obtained her Degree, Masters and DEA. In 2014, she defended her PHD in the University of Maroua.

Madam DJANABOU BAKARY started her professional career in 2008 when she was recruited in the history department of the University of Ngaoundere to lecture tutorials. In 2009, she became a temporary teaching and research lecturer (ATER) at first in the same university, and later in the Higher Teachers’ Training College of the University of Maroua. In 2010, she was recruited as assistant and later became a lecturer in 2015. Since that year, she occupies the post of Head of service of University Works and the Bursary of ENS Maroua.

Madam DJANABOU BAKARY has an academic experience owing to many years of teaching and many scientific publications.  She has participated in conferences, colloquiums, seminars, summer camps, fora and research stays both nationally and internationally.  She is a member of many research networks like CODERSIA, ABORNE, Mega Chad, and Fulbright Alumni.