January 5, 2021

Born in 1960 in Limbe (Cameroon), AMA TUTU MUNA, native of Mbengwi (North West-Cameroon) earned in 1979 a Baccalaureate A4 and GCE Advanced Level at the legendary Lycée General Leclerc in Yaoundé. Following her 4-years of studying abroad in Montreal, London and Germany where she obtained several professional certificates and a Bachelor degree in Arts, she returned home and worked both in the private and public sectors. In 1997, she was appointed private Secretary of Statesman Hon. S.T. Muna, former Prime Minister, Vice President and President of the National Assembly of Cameroon; a post that she held until his regrettable demise.

In late 2004, her efforts both in business and politics paved the way to her nomination as the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Trade; a position she proudly assumed until she was promoted as Minister of Culture in September 2007, followed by her reappointment as Minister of Arts and Culture in 2011 where she successfully brought this sector to a new level until 2nd October 2015 where she was no longer member of government after ten years of service.

Ms. Ama TUTU MUNA embodies humility, serenity, innovation, success, integrity and admiration amongst her peers. Her remarkable profile reflects the diverse experience that has continuously enriched her career. True advocate of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, grass root politician for that matter, she holds several leadership positions with women’s associations, and has also created many important active female groups.

She is a complete bilingual Cameroonian who speaks fluently English, French, and German. Highly cultivated and open-minded, she is an art collector and successfully embraced from the start both western and traditional values.