The Missions of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multicultiralism

Under the authority of the President of the Republic, the Commission shall be responsible for promoting bilingualism and multiculturalism in Cameroon with a view to maintaining peace, consolidation of the country’s national unity and strengthening its people’s willingness and day to day experience with respect to living together.

In this capacity, it shall be responsible notably for;

  • submitting reports and recommendations on issues relating to the protection and promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism to the President of the Republic;
  • monitoring the implementation of constitutional provisions establishing English and French as two official languages of equal status, and especially ensuring their use in all government services, semi-public bodies as well as any State-subsidized body;
  • conducting any study and survey and proposing measures likely to strengthen the Cameroon’s bilingual and multicultural character;
  •  preparing and submitting to the President of the Republic draft instruments on bilingualism, multiculturalism and togetherness;
  •  receiving petitions against discriminations arising from noncompliance with the constitutional provisions on bilingualism and multiculturalism and reporting thereon to the President of the Republic;
  • performing any other tasks assigned to it by the President of the Republic, including mediation